A New Direction: Poems

Here are two new poems. Hope you enjoy them.

A Tree

A Southern tree is big and strong

With long mossy arms

That hold children and swings and things.

 But Big Apple trees are different

They’re short and wiry and tough

They shake their leaves and say,

“I’ve had enough carbon monoxide today, thank you!”

 No children playing hide and seek

Just winos playing hide and leak

But all the same, it’s still a tree.


Uncle Aubrey

My uncle Aubrey rolled his own

            from a tin of Prince Albert

                        he kept in his overalls pocket.

He laughed a lot

            and drank a little

                        whiskey he made himself.

He appreciated a good woman

            and a good mule.

He cherished his children

            and cursed the federal government.

He was a yellow-dog Democrat

            and a blue-tick-hound hunter.

He never went to church

            and never broke a promise.

Uncle Aubrey was a man

            who rolled his own life.

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1. Jim | December 21, 2018 at 01:16 PM EST


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