Change is hard

This has nothing to do with my book, but it has a lot to do with my work.

I got a new office chair…after 40 years. It’s nice, but it doesn’t “hold” me like my old chair. Over the years, we had gotten to be friends, it let me slouch, this one is making me sit up straight. I could lean back in my old chair and put my feet up on my desk. This one is reluctant to let me do that. My old chair was soft and comfortable. This one is firm. It gives me support, but it doesn’t support me, if you know w hat I mean.

            So why did I get rid (actually it’s still here) of the old one. Because the wheels came off, literally. We changed out the wheels to protect the hardwood floors and the replacements never quite fit. As a result, from time to time, a wheel or two would come off and dump me on the floor.

            So here I sit, uncomfortable and undecided.  What now?

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