Me and E. Hemmingway go to Daytona

It is true that not having a writing project to work on can cause serious and unexpected consequences. This is the result of reading old poems, watching the Daytona 500 and having nothing constructive to do. 

 Mountain climbing, bull fighting and auto racing are the only true sports,

All the rest are just games.            Ernest Hemmingway


There was no joy in Mudville after Casey lost the game

“Mighty Casey” was a joke and kids snickered at his name

The fans all drank and cussed and wailed, but they could not find relief

So the government sent counselors to help them with their grief.

 The ease was gone from Casey’s manner, the sneer from Casey’s face,

He slowly left the ballpark, but he managed it with grace

He knew the game was over and the future he was facing,

So Casey put away his famous bat and took up auto racing.

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