Mattie McLagan is Leon’s wife and the mother of their eight boys. She is five foot two and slight of build, but she is solid as a rock. But she has a soft side. Shine is an all-purpose medicine in the hills and often the only pain-killer available. Mattie quietly delivers it to those who need it, but can’t afford it.

Her best friend is Emma Calhoun, her fun-loving neighbor. Mattie’s son Gus and Emma’s twins Skye and Finn were all born within minutes of each other. They grow up more like triplets than friends. Skye is on her way to becoming a beautiful woman and Gus has been in love with her forever. Finn is a wild card who sees no reason to look before he leaps.

Amos Calhoun is Leon’s next door neighbor, best friend and fellow moonshiner. He is Irish through and through. His son Finn’s real name is Patrick Fitzgerald, but Amos insists everyone call him Finn because “No son of mine is gonna be called Paddy, and that’s a fact.” Finn MacCool is a great Irish folk hero. As the story develops, we discover that Amos has a problem with making too much money. “I need just enough to pay me bills, having left-overs makes me nervous.”

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