New Directions

I have written four books in ten years and I’m momentarily out of ideas. So I’m taking a break to recharge my imagination. A couple of times a month, I’ll post  Short Thoughts  (brief observations) or a poem here. 

Uncle Aubrey

My uncle Aubrey rolled his own

            from a tin of Prince Albert

                        he kept in his overalls pocket.

 He laughed a lot

            and drank a little

                        whiskey he made himself.

 He appreciated a good woman

            and a good mule.

 He cherished his children

            and cursed the federal government.

 He was a yellow-dog Democrat

            and a blue-tick-hound hunter.

 He never went to church

            and never broke a promise.

 Uncle Aubrey was a man

            who rolled his own life.

Here's my Grinch-y Christmas poem.



Christmas comes but once a year

And oh my God I think it’s here

With red and green, the Christmas hues

And don’t forget the Christmas blues.

One size fits all, but I regret

That rarely works with what I get

So far I haven’t found the cause

For hating Dear Ole Santa Claus.

Perhaps it’s all the razz-ma-tazz

And spending money no one has

Or maybe there are other clues

Perhaps I’ve got the sugar blues

From eating those and this and that

And starting off the new year fat.

I think some day I’ll go away

And spend a quiet Christmas day

Eating salad on a beach

Somewhere far, far out of reach

I’ve considered Timbuktu

But missionaries got there too

They probably sing Christmas carols

And ring Salvation Army bells

Yes, Christmas gets us all that’s clear

Thank God it just comes once a year.


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1. jim | December 01, 2018 at 04:29 PM EST

Like both poems. Being a cynic I really like Christmas Cheer. Look forward to more poems.

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