For me, the hardest part of writing a book is the text for the back cover. If has to tell the reader enough about the book to make them want to read it without telling them about the book. (No plot line,no list of characters)

       I spent all day yesterday writing three paragraphs. I finally came up with something that works. Here it is.

“I wrote about people who had gumption.”  Margaret Mitchell

       So did I. The Scots-Irish who settled in the North Georgia mountains were certainly people with gumption. In Thunder and White Lightning you’ll meet the off-beat characters who faced the world head-on and did it with a quirky sense of humor and a hankering for adventure.

       They found that red clay was only good for two things. It would grow corn which they turned into moonshine to support their families and pay their taxes. It was also the perfect surface for dirt tracks for hopped-up whiskey cars, stock cars and eventually NASCAR races.

       They were fiercely independent, patriotic, fractious, inventive, compassionate, droll and unpredictable, but never boring. Thunder and White Lightning starts easy, picks up speed and sails through the checkered flag with red dust flying. You’re invited to ride shotgun and see what the ruckus is all about!

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