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September is here and it’s time to show off vacation pictures (click on Photography)and find out what’s been going on. You can see pictures on Facebook too.  

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ITEM ONE:  Bragging rights. Yea!

Official review of Thunder and White Lightning from The BookLife Prize.

“The well-crafted prose brings the backwoods of Georgia, moonshining, and the early days of stock car racing to vivid life.

Literary narratives about the roots of auto racing are few and far between. With cameos from actual NASCAR legends and an obsessive commitment to historical detail, this novel feels fresh and different.”

ITEM TWO: Highlights of Neighborhood Book Launch Party

 Betty Hanacek and Ron Loins hosted and we sold 43 books!! A great time was had by all helped along by the signature moonshine cocktail created by Melanie Bassarab especially for the occasion. (If you want the recipe, let me know

ITEM THREE: Publicity is everything!

If you’ve read Thunder and White Lightning, please post a review on Amazon. Each of these is worth its weight in gold. If you need help, scroll to the bottom of this entry for directions.

ITEM THREE: Go low-tech

 If you’re not comfortable posting reviews, here’s a simple, effective way to spread the word.  Email four (4) of your friends and tell them how much you enjoyed the book. Don’t forget to tell them they can order books at or from their favorite online bookstore.




Go to That brings up "Book at Amazon" page

  Enter Thunder and White Lightning where it says "book" at the top of your screen.

That should bring up the cover of the book. If not, scroll down until you see the cover

3   Click on the cover.

That brings up the Thunder and White Lightning page.

4   Click on "Customer Reviews" to the right of the 5 stars (below my name)

That brings up the Customer Review page.

5   Click on "write a customer review" That brings up the Edit Your Review page.

6 You have to click a star to open the window where you can enter your review Click on the last star in line.

7   Enter your review.

8   Finally click on Submit.

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