It Ain't Over

After you get the first draft done, it ain’t over, not by a long shot. I’m lucky to have a group of beta readers. However, while they are reading, there are other things to do like write copy for the front and back covers. Your publisher may assign someone to read (you hope) the book and write sparkling copy (you hope) and makes browsers want to buy your book (you hope).


            If you are lucky, you get to write this material yourself. If you don’t know the essence of your book, who does. Generally speaking, I find it harder to write back copy than to write the book. It needs to be short, about 125 words, easy to read, grab the readers’ attention, but not give the plot away.  Here’s the back copy for Crossing the Moss Line.


Every action….


The Geechee people are brought to Ibo Island in 1802.

Matt Reeve discovers an unknown old-growth forest.

Cora insists on driving home in the rain.

The Donegan sisters come out of hiding.

Lucile Dupree is determined to get rich no matter what.

Butch and his gang didn’t mean any harm.

Bird Cotton listens to the wrong person.

Dr. Buzzard works some white magic.

The Mayor and his friends set up a secret poker game.

Hattie Tuscano agrees to run a cat house in exchange for peace and quiet.


has a reaction…often with unintended consequences. That’s when the fun begins.

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