It really does take a village

One of the things that fascinates me is dialogue, the way people talk. There are folks in New Orleans and folks in Brooklyn who both substitute “d” for “th.” Dat’s really interesting.


Yiddish has it’s own charm and rhythm. When I first moved to NYC,  I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker of an inn with a sign out front that said, “George Washington shlep here. I didn’t get the joke. (It has nothing to do with sleep. Shlep means to drag or pull) Little by little all New Yorkers absorb Yiddish into their language.


I have a character, Sadie Glanzrock, in Crossing the Moss Line. I also have a friend and storytelling buddy who is doing me a mitzvah to read the NY chapters to make sure Sadie sounds like a proper Jewish mother.


It truly does take a village to write a book.

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