It takes a book store

I have a lot of reference books in my office. Some of them change depending on what I’m working on. Like the Yat Dictionary  of New Orleans slang (for Waterproof Justice) and all the Geechee/Gullah books I’m using now.

There are the usual dictionaries and a well-used Thesaurus.  And maps, lots of maps, and phone books, which I’ve already confessed to stealing.

Then there are The Others: a Dictionary of Contemporary and Colloquial Usage, a Dictionary of Contemporary American Lingoes and Slang, a Comedy Thesaurus, Elements of Business Writing, the Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music, a Comedy Quote Dictionary, The Slang of Sin, The Joys of Yiddish and my favorite, Jackie Mason’s How to Talk Jewish. My character, Sophie Glanzrock, has sent me back to my Jewish books.

            It may take a village to raise a child, but in my case it takes a bookstore to write a book.

(Oh, and did I mention Google?)

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