Incomre Tax Get Us All

#10 DID YOU KNOW Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion, but it was air conditioning that finally got John Dillinger? The Chicago police could never catch Dillinger because they never knew where he was. But when the temperature topped 100 degrees, he went to the Biograph Theatre because it was “cooled by refrigeration.” Some one ratted him out and when he left the theatre, the cops were waiting and he died in a hail of bullets.

# 10 DO YOU REMEMBER when any farmer with an open field and a bulldozer could (and did) carve out a dirt track for stockcar racing. Back then it was just noise and dust, no safety equipment, no special uniforms and not very much money. Lakewood Speedway was constructed in 1916 during World War I. It was a one-mile dirt horse track built around a lake at the Lakewood Fairgrounds. It was eventually used for stockcar racing, but the track was never banked. Fine for horses, not so good for car races.

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