Presure washer, that is. Getting ready for our front-yard book-signing event which will be coming up soon.

In the meantime, here we go.

DO YOU REMEMBER when gas cost 18 cents a gallon? Probably not because that was back in 1940. But what about something a little closer to the present, 1970 for instance?  Back then gas was 36 cents a gallon, an average house cost $27,000 and yearly tuition for college was $3800. You could buy an 8-track tape player (remember those?) for $40 and a pair of Wrangler jeans for $10. These prices are making me cry, so I’ll stop now.

DID YOU KNOW that by 1860 cotton accounted for almost 60 percent of American exports, with a value of nearly $200 million a year? The Spanish brought cotton seed to Florida where it was first cultivated in the US. Eventually cotton was grown from California to South Carolina and in every southern state. Believe it or not, Texas was the number one cotton producer. 

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