To date, Freethorne photographs have been seen in shows in and around Atlanta, including the Atlanta Photography Group, Atlanta Artists Center's Grande View Gallery, Artists Atelier Gallery and Studio, Mason Muir Fine Arts Gallery, Atlanta Celebrates Photography at the Defoors Gallery, the Atlanta Library, the Buckhead Library and the Northside Library, A novel Experience Bookstore and South x Southeast Photomagazine. Our work has also been twice selected to hang in the executive offices of the State Capitol and has been featured on the cover of two State of Georgia annual financial publications 

Jim Freeman’s first camera was a Minolta SRT 101. He bought it because someone told him he dropped his off the top of his car going 60 miles an hour and didn’t hurt it. He has been shooting since the 60’s. He shoots mostly digital now but says that first Minolta still works just fine. His subject matter is anything that makes him laugh, is strikingly unusual or that has a beauty emanating from its function. People, animals, flora, machines--everything is fair game.

  Curly Willow In Winter

Grace Hawthorne wears two hats. As a writer, her first novel, Shorter's Way, won an Independent Publisher Award for Best Regional Fiction. ( That was followed by Waterproof Justice and her third novel, Crossing the Moss Line, which is also an award winner.

As a photographer, she is constantly finding new subjects and new ways to view familiar subjects. She shoots with a Sony SLR a350 and a Cannon SX400IS which she favors.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Summer Memories