Shorter’s Way Back Story


            The seed of Shorter’s Way was an urban legend I heard growing up in Louisiana. It was about a Southern politician who amassed a huge stockpile of money by deducting a small amount from the pay envelopes of every state employee. He used the funds to sidestep the legislature when he wanted to complete a project and didn’t want to be bothered with normal procedures.


As the story goes, he kept the money in cash, and moved it from its usual hiding place to a new location. Then he died unexpectedly and never told anyone where the money was. People have searched since the 1920s, but so far no one has ever found the money.


I thought that was too good a story to let go to waste, so I wrote Shorter’s Way and by the time you finish reading it, you’ll know what happened to the money.


Shorter’s Way was set in a time when politics was fun and basically whatever you could get away with was legal.



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