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I could taste the cotton lint, red dust, and mendacity. A smooth blend of Atlanta society, dirt-poor mill hands, and backroom political chicanery. The South, politics, murder, and money. Sign me up!        Jerry Matheny  


The best first line EVER!”          Lenny Oddo

“Willie Shorter, and the supporting cast will be familiar to anyone who knows and loves the South. Shorter’s Way is a about politics, money, power, sex, race, winning and losing, and ultimately, about transformation.”      Lee May


“….a brilliant book. Loved Shorter’s Way from first to last page.”     Betty Hanacek

 “I usually don't read unless it’s technical. However, Willie and Laine sucked me in. I sat down with a cup of coffee and burned through 100 pages before I knew it.”     

Jeff Freeman


“It was hard to put down. Awesome job. I look forward to ur next one!”     Jo Cantrell


“The opening line is right down to earth. Told me right away I was gonna like it.”    Harvey Choflin


“My grandparents worked in a cotton mill and lived in mill housing, the story brought back memories. Are there movie rights yet?"     Judy Matheny


"The women in Shorter's Way are terrific.  Grace Hawthorne gets Southern women, politics and race in the 1920s just right.”      Lyn May

“I haven’t had a book grip me so in years. No, make that decades. I can now tell the difference between writing and story telling. Damn you're good! “      Trey Freeman


“Shorter's Way is one of those books you just don't want to put down. I am giving it to others and our book club will read it in September.”    Martha Tate


“Grace Hawthorne is a storyteller's storyteller. Shorter's Way took me back to politics as it used to be practiced.  BTW,  a roller coaster will never be the same again.”   

Murray Friedman

I liked it from the first chapter but after being introduced to the characters, I loved it.”

Mary Ryan


“I was hooked from the start! I could see, hear, and feel the characters and their surroundings.  I hated for it to end.”   Janice Hall


“There is something very reassuring about the writing and an optimism in Shorter’s Way that is exceedingly rare these days.”        Constance FitzGerald                                            


“A great story. Loved the characters. It would be a good story for a movie.”   Anne Furth


“Shorter's Way not only entertains—which seems rare these days—but also taught me a great deal about a period I knew little about.  Get this book!”       Gregg Fischer

“It's my kind of story.  I remember times like those, in my home town, Lincolnton."        Gert Friedman


 “I was lost in the world of cotton mills, oilcloth table coverings, ice boxes, back porches,  and weeding the garden. Shorter’s Way is a must read for Southerners to remember their roots.”        Pat Sailors


 “The book sizzles......a must read. Amazonioan in proportion. “    Dennis Bassarab


"As a fan of historical fiction and an almost life-long Georgian, I particularly enjoyed this book.”    Martha Church

Shorter’s Way tells of the political climate of many Southern states in the 20s. The methods used and the surprising outcome make this a can't put-it-down experience.”      Alec Morris

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