Waterproof Justice Back Story

First of all, there really is a town in north Louisiana called Waterproof. However for Waterproof Justice I borrowed the name and applied it to an area down the Mississippi River where I grew up.


I enjoy turning stereotypes inside out. So, like Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind, Minnie Tucker, who runs the last great sporting house in the 1940s Storyville, is not your usual madam.


Sheriff Nate Houston, in not a typical Southern sheriff. He treats everyone with respect while doing his best to raise his teenage daughter and keep the peace in Waterproof.


Before political correctness, Luther Castle would have been called a dull-normal. No one expects much of him so I made him smart in his own way.


For someone who works with words—and who likes to talk—writing Ruby was a challenge because Ruby is truly a woman of few words. And finally even in Angola State Penitentiary I created a pocket of sanity.


BTW, for someone who associated research with getting dressed and going to the library, a shout-out to Google. Every writer’s best friend.


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