What Readers Are Saying

Hawthorne's characters shine, especially Luther, who provides pivotal plot turns to keep the story rolling along like the Southern Crescent.



Hawthorne is a master at portraying plausible characters, both good and evil. I didn’t want this story to end.


New Orleans was already a favorite town, Waterproof is now a favorite town, Hawthorne is a favorite writer. And the story has the added plus of a poetry-writing sheriff! Get this one for a good read.


Waterproof Justice took ahold of me and didn't turn loose until the last word.

Leo S.


The only time I have to read is during my lunch hour at work. With Waterproof Justice, I found myself going back to my desk later and later! It's a real page-turner! Can't wait to read the next novel.



I recommend this as a great escape; a wonderful read - and I am looking forward to novel number three.



I sat down to read a chapter of Waterproof Justice before getting on with my chores. The day passed with the chores still undone, but the book was finished.



Actually, I read Waterproof Justice twice...and felt like I got to know each character and how they felt. They were so real. Grace Hawthorne has a definite talent for storytelling.



If you read at night, be prepared to lose some sleep. It’s a page turner.




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