Wins Two Awards

“In this novel, set on Ibo Island during the early 1940’s, readers are reminded that “good comes from bad” as a variety of characters make decisions that have unintended consequences. Well-developed and slightly shady characters bring the action to life in a skillfully crafted tale. Hawthorne has evidently researched Southern folklore, making this an authentic and enjoyable story.”

Critic’s Report from The BookLife Prize in Fiction

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Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Crossing the Moss Line is a tragicomedy that connects actions with slippery choices and unintended consequences.


Like when….

…the Geechee people are brought to Georgia,

…Cora Strayhorn causes an accident,

…the Donegan sisters are resurrected,

…Lucile Dupree gets thwarted again,

…Granny Johnson tricks the bank man,

…Matt Reeve finally gets caught,

…Butch Dupree and his gang run amuck,

…Bird Hamlin disappears,

…Dr. Buzzard works some white magic,

…the Mayor sets up a secret poker game,

…Hattie Tuscano agrees to run a cathouse,

…and an unexpected guest comes to visit,

...and then Katie-bar-the-door.

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