Bird by E. Richard Clark

One of the major characters in Crossing the Moss Line is Bird, a young boy who is also a talented artist. My problem in creating him was that I am NOT an artist. I don’t know how artists see or think or feel or deal with the world.

So I turned to my friend Richard Clark (E. Richard Clark) who is an artist and he helped me bring Bird to life. Richard grew up in the south in roughly the same time frame and circumstances as Bird. When he told me, “I always knew that I could draw anything I could see,” I knew I had found my inspiration.


Richard did not read Crossing the Moss Line until it was published, but when he heard about this event he said, “I have a painting I did some time ago and I think it’s what Bird looks like.”


And he was right. Meet Bird.


There is probably a definition for this kind of parallel creativity, but I prefer to think of it as magic.