Waterproof Justice  

Madams, Mafia,Mischief & Mayhem

                                                                                by Grace Hawthorne

Man makes plans and the gods laugh.


As a WWII veteran, Sheriff Nate Houston plans to keep the peace in Waterproof, Louisiana, and raise his teenage daughter.


Minnie Tucker plans to keep a lid on all the shenanigans in her sporting house on Basin Street.


Ruby Morton plans to avoid the Mafia by hiding out in Waterproof.


Luther Castle plans to give up trying to figure out why adults always ask the wrong questions.


Little do any of them know what the gods have in store.

From Waterproof Justice:

Nate Senior


My dad rolled his own

     from a tin of Prince Albert

          he kept in his overalls pocket.


He laughed a lot

     and drank a little

          whiskey he made himself.


He appreciated a good woman

     and a good mule.


He cherished his children

     and cursed the federal government.


He was a yellow-dog Democrat

     and a blue-tick-hound hunter.


He never went to church

     and never broke a promise.


My dad was a man

     who rolled his own life.

                by Sheriff Nate Houston

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